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Facilities Supervisor

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BASIC FUNCTIONS: Supervise, oversee, plan and coordinate activities, logistics, cleaning and maintenance of all La Casa’s properties.


FLSA: Salaried/Exempt




    1. Oversee daily activities of cleaning crew at 410 Arcadian Ave. facility.
    2. Perform necessary cleaning duties during office hours.
    3. Ensure all grounds are kept clean and free of debris.
    1. Complete needed maintenance items as required or as requested by supervisor/Executive Director.
    2. When necessary, arrange for completion of maintenance items by approved companies and provide verification of final result.
    3. Maintain inventories including:  Soda, alcohol, cleaning supplies, general maintenance items (light bulbs, ceiling tiles, etc.) and re-order when necessary.
    4. Ensure the maintenance of grounds including lawn care, landscaping, snow removal, etc.
    1. Coordinate set-up, take-down, cleaning and supervision (security, reception coverage, etc.) of facilities before, during or after events.
    2. Coordinate training and direction of volunteers.
Residential Properties:
    1. Ensure maintenance of residential properties.
    2. Ensure rent payment for residential properties is received promptly (by the 5th of each month).
    3. Rent residential properties to new tenants as they become vacant, ensure cleanliness and safety of the residence and proper paperwork is completed.
Café Esperanza:
    1. Ensure upkeep and cleaning of restaurant.
    2. Respond to restaurant manager’s work orders including restaurant equipment.
    1. Ensure that Child Care vehicles are in compliance with State of Wisconsin transportation regulations as well as licensing.
    2. Make repair recommendations as required to direct supervisor.

Facilities, general:

    1. Ensure all applicable inspections are completed in a timely manner.  These include, but are not limited to fire extinguishers, Health Department, Fire Department, etc.
    2. Develop/maintain contracts with vendors as appropriate and as approved by supervisor.
    3. Responsible for communication with fire, security and elevator professionals.
    4. Monitor (including utilities) facilities expenditures and make cost-saving recommendations where appropriate.
    5. Supervise subordinate personnel including:  hiring, determining workload and delegating assignments, training, monitoring and evaluating performance, and initiating correction or disciplinary actions.
    6. Participate in the planning, designing, construction and maintenance of facilities.
    7. Obtain and document quotes/bids.  Evaluate proposals for specification compliance and make recommendation of award.
    8. Review and/or inspect work for quality, accuracy and completeness.
    9. Ensure compliance with applicable federal and/or state laws, regulations, and/or agency rules, standards and guidelines, etc.
    10. Develop appropriate safety and/or service plans to alleviate risk, provide protection, etc.
    11. Oversee the development, evaluation or review of plans and criteria for a variety of activities; assess feasibility of proposed plans, projects and equipment.
    12. Monitor and evaluate operations, programs, processes and/or practices for quality and effectiveness; make recommendations for improvement.
    13. Other duties as assigned based on program needs.

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