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Weatherization Services

Save on Energy Bills with Weatherization Services

WeatherizationLa Casa’s Weatherization Program assists qualified, low income residential households in Jefferson, Waukesha and Milwaukee counties by identifying energy waste and providing cost effective, energy saving measures and education. Weatherization is provided at no cost to low-income owners and renters. Eligibility depends on the number of people in the home. For 2017-2018, a family of 2 can earn up to $34,785 and for a household of 4 the limit is $51,155. Persons interested in the program must first apply for Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program. The program, a partnership with the Wisconsin Division of Energy, Housing and Community Resources includes a variety of energy-saving services including:

Households that rent should continue to apply for Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance and have their landlord contact La Casa for more information on the program.

For more information or to apply, call:

Milwaukee County: 414-270-4653

Waukesha County: (800) 506-5596

Jefferson County: 920-568-0604

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